Interdistrict transfer

INTER-DISTRICT Transfer Requests (for transfers to/from another district)

    • Transfers Out:  Families who reside within the Walnut Creek School District boundary who would like to request an InterDistrict Transfer to another district for 2024-25 may email our enrollment team or stop by the WCSD District Office to request an application.

      Transfers In:  If you reside outside of the Walnut Creek School District boundary and wish to attend a WCSD school for 2024-25, you must contact your resident school district to submit an InterDistrict Transfer Request. 

      The Walnut Creek School District believes in an equitable transfer process. We follow Edcode which prioritizes students for transfer and have held strong with our decision to accept student transfers which fall under California Education Code Section 48204(b) which permits a school district to deem a pupil to have complied with the residency requirements for school attendance in the district if at least one parent/guardian of the pupil is physically employed within the boundaries of that district for at least 10 hours per week. We also accept transfers for specialized programs not offered in WCSD such as dual immersion schools. We have also accepted a small number of transfers from siblings of students within the same grade span who were previously granted transfers. We do not accept transfers from families for which the reason disclosed is due to the convenience of drop off and pick up, unavailable childcare, and occasional work locations in our attendance boundaries.  That being said, each situation is reviewed on a case by case basis. 

      You will be notified of final determination by the requested school district.  Please note that, because the request needs to be reviewed by both districts, this process will take some time.  In the case of requests to attend the Walnut Creek School District, notification may not occur until late spring or summer as placement for all resident students takes priority.