• School Plan for Student Achievement


    The School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) serves as the organizer for an individual school’s improvement process. The SPSA is a plan that establishes the goals for a school’s student achievement, describes the programs, and identifies the funds used by the school to achieve these goals. School Site Councils oversee the SPSA and budgets associated within the plan. School Site Council’s support increases student achievement by focusing their work on the development, monitoring, and evaluation of the SPSA.

    The District LCAP is a local educational agency (LEA) level planning document with a three-year timeline, while the School Plan is specific to a school site with a one-year term. Despite these differences, the nature of each plan is similar by design. As a result, an LEA and its schools can benefit from the use of a shared vocabulary and planning process that is embedded in a context of continuous improvement. As provided for in California Education Code (EC) Section 52062(a)(4), a superintendent must review the LCAP and School Plans to ensure that the two plans are consistent. Using an integrated approach to planning ensures a consistent alignment between the LCAP and School Plans.

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