Extended Learning Opportunity Program (ELO-P)

    What is ELO-P?

    ELO-P is a before-school, after-school or non-school-day learning program which focuses on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of pupils through hand-on, engaging learning experiences.

    What are the ELO-P Program Requirements?

    The California Department of Education (CDE) has identified specific requirements for districts implementing Extended Learning Programs. These requirements and district priorities are:

    • When combined with the instructional day, the program must provide a 9 hour day for students.
    • The program must offer enrichment opportunities that engage students and that are based on student interests.
    • The program must be offered to all students in Transitional Kindergarten through grade 6 who are multi-lingual learners, foster youth, or those who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
    • The program will be open to all students.
    • The program must be offered at each school site.
    • The program will foster collaborative partnerships within the community, including onsite childcare centers, the Walnut Creek Recreation Department and school site PTA/PTOs.
    • The program must be offered on 30 non-school days.

    How is ELO-P funded?

    Funding is provided by the California Department of Education based on the number of students enrolled in the district who are multi-lingual learners, foster youth or those who qualify for free or reduced lunch. For the Walnut Creek School District, this amounts to approximately $1 million a year.

    When will ELO-P begin?

    The estimated timeline is as follows:

    August 2022-November 2022: Gather Stakeholder Input
    November 2022-February 2023: Program Planning and Development
    March 2023: Report out program plan and possible partial launch
    August 2023: Full Program Launch

    How will community input be gathered?

    Each school site is hosting a community forum event to gather input and to answer questions about the program requirements. Please contact your school site for details on input forums.

    For additional questions, please email:

    Connie McCarley
    Director of Wellness, Extended Learning and Community Engagement