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    Mathematics Adopted Curriculum:

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    Walnut Creek School District is committed to supporting students in developing a deep understanding of mathematics. Following the California Common Core State Standards of Mathematics students will be provided opportunities to explore mathematics in a way that develops their conceptual understanding, be shown methods that enable them to develop fluency, and be offered challenging tasks that encourage them to apply their mathematical learning. Having a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics prepares students for the challenges they will face in higher learning, and in their future career. It is the goal of our mathematics program to develop strong habits of mind including perseverance, reasoning and the ability to construct a viable argument together with learning about specific content standards. These habits, along with the grade level content focus, ensure that students will be able to apply concepts and ideas to a multitude of scenarios. It is our belief that all students can be successful in mathematics and that we are the facilitators of their exploration and experience at this crucial stage of developing their mathematics identity. 

    For more information:

     California Common Core Math Standards (K-12). This resource describes the shifts in instruction, articulates the mathematical practices in detail, and shows examples of the standards that your student will be learning about.  

     Bridges in Action Video. This video shows an example of a day in the Bridges classroom. It demonstrates Number Corner, a hands-on lesson, and Work Place practice that your student will experience with this program.

    Four Boosting Messages, Dr. Jo Boaler, Stanford University. Dr. Jo Boaler is a mathematics professor at Stanford University. Her work continues to propel instructional shifts in the classroom. Please explore Four Boosting Messages to garner understanding about the importance of a Growth Mindset in mathematics learning. 


    From the California Mathematics Framework, listed is the focus by grade level for Kindergarten through Grade 8.

    Math Framework