• Intra-District Transfers

    Intra-District Transfer/Open Enrollment

    All parent(s)/legal guardian(s) residing within the WCSD who wish to apply to attend a school other than the school of residence, including Tice Creek, must submit an Intra-District Transfer Request during the Open Enrollment Window February 1 through March 18th.  Only one open Intra-District request per student will be accepted.  Please review the following guidelines before completing the Intra-District transfer request form below. 

    Students must be enrolled in a Walnut Creek School District School to request an Intra-District Transfer.  If your student is NOT currently enrolled in WCSD, you must complete the registration process at their home school prior to your transfer being considered.  

    The following information is applicable to all students requesting an Intra-District Transfer.  Please read carefully prior to submitting transfer request(s).  

    • Transfers are granted based on space availability in the school and/or program requested.
    • You will be required to acknowledge your understanding of the priorities and practices listed below prior to submitting a transfer request.

    Note: Transfers are not applicable for incoming Transitional Kindergarten (TK) students.  Until all elementary schools host TK programs, school assignment is via placement.

    As its first priority, the district will attempt to accommodate all children within each school’s attendance area according to existing class-size and program mandates.  Once resident students have been placed and space has been deemed available at the grade level and/or program, selection of students into the school will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Administrative placements, including diversion students
    2. WCSD students who are siblings of any student currently in attendance at a school and who will continue to be enrolled at the same school next year (concurrent enrollment)
    3. WCSD students in good standing who have attended a school continuously for at least one school year but have moved into another school’s attendance area within the district
    4. WCSD students who are siblings of a student who will be exiting the requested school at the end of the year of open enrollment application (consecutive enrollment)
    5. All other WCSD student requests for Open Enrollment

    The WCSD will determine space availability and authorize or deny the transfer.  

    A student who has been granted an Intra-District transfer shall be regarded as a resident of the requested school through the highest grade at that school. 

    Intra-District transfers for identified special education students, including referrals shall not be approved until Special Services verifies space availability and authorizes such a transfer.  

    If necessary, school lotteries for the 2022-2023 school year will be held on March 25, 2022.

    Students determined to have enrolled in a school by falsifying Intra-District information, including student or residency records, shall be returned to their home school immediately, even if they otherwise meet priority status.   Requests which are denied may be appealed based on procedural error to the Superintendent or designee.  Transfer decisions for requests received after the close of the Open Enrollment Window may be communicated as late as the first day of school.