• What is the Meaning Behind the Tice Creek Mascot and Logo?

    The founding teachers of Tice Creek School were challenged with the task of indentifying a school mascot, designing a logo, and selecting school colors. Using the Project Based Learning (PBL) process, the team enthusiastically got to work.
    In an effort to align with the macots of the other schools in the Walnut Creek School District, it was decided the mascot would be an animal. Specifically, the team sought an animal indigenous to the area that embodied the qualities that represented the new school community.

    The Mascot

    The team selected a mascot that:

    • is quick
    • works together
    • has keen vision
    • is resourceful
    • has high levels of communication
    • travels in family groups
    • represents adaptability and playfulness

    For all these reason, the team selected the COYOTE!

    The Logo
    The logo has great meaning to Tice Creek School.

    The two sizes of coyotes represent the mutiple ages served at Tice Creek.

    The pair are working together as they howl at the moon, representing the collaborative approach to learning.

    The color choice of green, brown, and white reflects nature and the natural colors of the coyotes' environment.

    The moon represents PBL and the cycle of inquiry.

    The outer circle represents the larger community supporting the school.

    When put together, this logo represents the collaborative nature of our school environment.

TC Logo