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    Distance Learning Guide for Parents 
    Link to Parent Presentation

    This guide provides information about our transition from classroom-based instruction to Distance Learning. Instruction, learning, and assessment will look different during remote learning.  Our goal is to provide high quality and meaningful work, while at the same time providing reasonable expectations for teacher and student workload. Flexibility, compassion, and the social and emotional well-being of our students and staff are more important now than ever before.

    Distance Learning Plan

    Weekly Grade Level Instructional Plans
    Each Monday classroom teachers will provide weekly plans in order to provide instruction of the essential standards in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science & Physical Education. This is required core instruction in order to prepare your child for completion of grade-level standards. 

    Elementary enrichment opportunities will also soon be available. Middle School elective courses will offer weekly opportunities through weekly updates to elective teacher web pages.

    Daily Check-in
    Elementary teachers will send a morning message (live or pre-recorded) each day. WCI students will visit the WCI Distance Learning homepage each day to check-in.  We believe it is extremely important to maintain strong relationships and connections in our virtual classroom environments. Additionally, teachers will be reviewing student participation and making sure that all students are participating in their coursework each day. If a student is not “digitally present” district staff will contact the family in order to offer support and encouragement of active student participation.

    Daily Schedule
    We recommend that you create a routine and schedule that will work best for your family. 
    Click on the grade span links to view a possible daily schedule. Plan that students will devote the following time to academic work each day:

    TK - K -1.5 hours   1st - 2nd - 2.5 hours      3rd - 5th - 3 hours        6th - 8th - 3.5 hours

    Throughout this period of school closure, we recognize that students will have different abilities to engage in online learning and that for younger students especially (Ages 3-8) exposure to screen times should be limited and broken up by interactions with adults and siblings, games, independent activity, and free time.

    Teacher Office Hours
    This is a specific time during the day during which teachers are available via Zoom or Google Meet to answer student questions about assignments and/or to say hello. (This is optional for students.) Teachers will communicate their regularly scheduled office hours which will be held three times each week.

    Technology Requirements
    Students can work on most devices and access their WCSD Google Apps for Education accounts. There is no assumption that all families have a device available or internet connection. Wireless hotspots and devices were distributed to families in need. Families still in need are asked to contact their principal immediately. 

    Online Platforms

    To ensure the effective implementation of distance learning, teachers will utilize designated online platforms to complete the following: communicate learning expectations, deliver instruction, collect and return student work, communicate student progress, and provide academic support.

    Technology Support
    See our Technology and Distance Learning Webpage for parent information regarding district technology tools as well as for technology support. Additionally,  families can enter support requests into the ticketing system by emailing help@walnutcreeksd.zendesk.com.

    Digital Citizenship
    Teachers will instruct students on the norms and rules of learning together in a digital environment. While your child is working from home, it's important to ensure proper supervision of technology use. If your child is logged into their Walnut Creek School District Google account, their browsing runs through a District filter to limit access to appropriate sites. However, it is still important to oversee their work to ensure they are compliant with Digital Citizenship guidelines and Walnut Creek School District's Board Policy for Student Use of Technology.

    Student Support
    This distance learning model is a new experience for our staff and students. Our teachers and staff will provide our students with the necessary support as they develop the skills and habits necessary to be successful in a distance learning environment.

    • WCSD staff will closely monitor students who are falling behind, not logging on or not making progress during distance learning. 
    • Students with IEP and 504 plans will be provided with appropriate support as designated in their plans.

    Pending upcoming guidelines from the California Department of Education (CDE) and considering the dramatic changes in our education circumstances and our shift to distance learning, WCSD may need to restructure end of the year grade reporting.