• soul shoppe

    Soul Shoppe’s year round program is designed to give students the breadth and depth of experience with social-emotional learning (SEL) that they need to thrive in elementary school. Through this year round program, our specially trained facilitators can visit your school up to twice a month, helping students and staff develop a common language and set of tools based on standard social emotional practices.

    The practices are centered around teaching, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, positive problem-solving, and responsible decision-making and goal-setting. By working with students by grade level, we can ensure the material is taught in an engaging and age appropriate way. By the end of the year, everyone – from the kids to the teachers to the parent volunteers — feels more connected and peaceful at the school of their dreams!

    For more information about this program, check out https://www.soulshoppe.com/

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Last Modified on January 31, 2019