Mr. Scott

  • Damian Scott
    Principal, Tice Creek School

    Tice Creek Community,

    I am excited for the 2022-23 school year at Tice Creek. We have all endured plenty over
    the past few years and I am looking forward to starting the school year in person and
    having a sense of normalcy for our students. Teachers and support staff are busy
    preparing to welcome your students for the first day of school on August 10th.

    As I enter my fourth year as Principal at Tice Creek, I am still honored to serve in this
    role as we have amazing educators, wonderful students and terrific families. When I
    reflect on the past and think about this school year, the word “compassion” keeps
    coming to mind. Compassion is different from empathy as compassion should include
    some form of action. For example, a compassionate person may lend a helping hand,
    say a kind word, or simply say thank you.Compassion goes hand in hand with Project
    Based Learning (PBL) as it goes beyond simply understanding what others might be
    feeling (ie empathy), but goes deeper as it leads to action. As a community, I encourage
    us to be compassionate with one another, exhibit patience as we learn from mistakes
    and support our students in learning to be compassionate.

    I look forward to continuing to build our compassionate community of learners!

    Damian Scott