Damian Scott

  • Damian Scott
    Principal, Tice Creek School

    I am thrilled to serve as Principal at Tice Creek School.  I have been in education for 16 years and have held a variety of roles including special education teacher, science teacher, technology teacher, and for the past 7 years as both an assistant principal and principal.  I started my career in industry with experience in research and development at the Clorox Company and for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I developed protocols for the Human Genome Project. These experiences led me to develop technical and customer service skills that I applied in IT at Wells Fargo Bank.

    These experiences outside education have helped shaped my passion for Project Based Learning and as an educational leader as students need to be able to communicate, collaborate, create and use critical thinking skills (the 4C’s) to be successful now and in the future. The careers that our current students will work in may not even yet exist, to be competitive and successful in the workforce they will need to rely on these 4C’s. I strive to develop positive relationships with my staff, students, families and community as this will lead to better educational outcomes for our students and we will have a happier place to work and go to school.

    I look forward to continuing to develop and deepen our learning experiences in PBL and having a wonderful, welcoming school at Tice Creek.