Mr. Scott

  • Damian Scott
    Principal, Tice Creek School

    Tice Creek Community,

    I hope this letter finds each of you rested and ready for a new school year. Our staff at Tice Creek has been busy preparing to welcome all of our students back to school. I am personally looking forward to a fabulous school year and can not wait to see everyone on the first day of school.

    There has been a lot of work throughout the summer preparing for the school year. Teachers have been working in their classrooms readying engaging lessons and activities. They are creating spaces for students to read, explore, investigate, think deeply and collaborate. Support staff are ensuring students will enjoy experiences in different spaces including the Coyote Den, Library, Art, Science and Music. Our custodians and maintenance teams have been busy making the physical aspect of our school the cleanest I have seen in my 5 years at Tice Creek. We also have new HVAC in our classrooms. 

    One of the special parts of Tice Creek is our team model through our work in PBL. As we prepare our students for their future, we strive to foster the 6Cs; Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Character, and Citizenship.  As knowledge has become easily accessible and technical skills are ever changing, these 6Cs are essential for us to foster in our students.

    Make it a great day, the choice is yours!

    Damian Scott