• Tice Creek Overview

    Tice Creek School is K-8 public school in the Walnut Creek School District.  Enrollment is open to families who reside within the attendance boundaries of the Walnut Creek School District and occurs through the intra-district transfer process. Students who are interested in attending Tice Creek must first register at their homeschool of residence and then apply through the intra-district transfer process to attend. Once a student is enrolled in our school, Tice Creek becomes your home school.  

    Tice Creek is unique in the Walnut Creek School District as it is the only K-8 school in the district and through our signature practice of Project Based Learning. By approaching instruction of Common Core State Standards through Project Based Learning (PBL), students are challenged to work on real-world problems with real-world outcomes. The process requires students utilize the four C’s of 21st-century learning: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. As students research a driving question, classes often enlist the support of an industry expert to guide students and offer feedback on attempted projects. Each PBL unit ends with a product or outcome which often is presented to an authentic audience. Throughout this process, students are encouraged to engage in the cycle of inquiry: asking questions, seeking answers and developing new questions along the way.