Kelly Eagan

  • Kelly Eagan
    Director of Human Resources/District Compliance Officer

    Welcome to the Walnut Creek School District’s Human Resources Department.  The Walnut Creek School District’s vision is to Engage, Inspire and Empower All Learners!  This vision not only encompasses our students; it also includes our employees who are life-long learners.  We promote and encourage collaboration and continued staff development to allow our staff to continue to learn as they progress through their career.  

    The Human Resources Department works closely with the administration to foster a safe and respectful learning environment that values diversity and creativity. As a district, we believe that it is our shared responsibility to provide a quality student-centered education and it is our mission to support all of our talented certificated, classified and substitute staff achieve this goal.

    Also, beginning in the 2021-22 school year, all Title IX complaints will be processed through the Human Resources Department with Mrs. Eagan serving as as one of our Title IX Coordinators.