Elementary Music Adopted Curriculum
    Quaver Music

    Elementary Art Adopted Curriculum
    The Art of Education University, FLEX Curriculum

    Enrichment Programs

    The Walnut Creek School District is grateful to WCEF and the community of supporters for providing the funding necessary for our Enrichment Program offered at all schools. As a result, every elementary student has weekly lessons in Art, Music and Science to enhance their exposure to the Arts and Sciences. At the middle school level, students have a vast selection of elective courses to choose from, including World Language, Computer Science, Performing Arts and many others.

    Elementary Music Program
    The Walnut Creek School District employs credentialed music teachers for our elementary music program in grades one through five. This team of teachers implements a districtwide music program that is consistent across all schools and progresses through the grade levels. When students reach grade four, they will have the opportunity to select General Music or Instrumental Music where they will go deeper into their preferred musical area. For more information about the Elementary Instrumental Music Program, click here.

    TK and K students benefit from an instructional music specialist who joins their classroom teacher each week for developmentally appropriate music lessons. All music teachers utilize the district adopted curriculum listed below which aligns with California Arts Standards.

    Art Program
    All elementary students receive weekly lessons in Art provided by Instructional Specialists alongside the classroom teacher. Lessons align with California Arts Standards with a focus on the artistic processes of creating, presenting, responding and connecting. Instructional Specialists along with all classroom teachers have access to the district's adopted curriculum listed below.

    Science Program
    All elementary students participate in weekly hands-on science learning experiences in the science laboratory.  Instructional Specialists work alongside classroom teachers to enhance the science learning in their classroom. For more information on the science program, click here.

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    Meet our elementary music team!
    Pictured left to right: Natalie Krause, Ryan Taylor, Jessica Batdorf, Devon Allen and Jenny Cousins.

  • CA Arts Standards

    California State Board of Education has adopted new California Arts Standards. Read more here.