• Student-Centered Coaching Program

    The Walnut Creek School District adopted a streamlined coaching model for all our schools, known as Student Centered Coaching. This model is based on the work and findings of Diane Sweeney, the author of Student-Centered Coaching. Using this innovative approach, our coaches support and assist teachers in reaching goals for their students’ learning. They collaborate and partner with teachers in 4-6 week cycles throughout the year. The goal of student-centered coaching is to work with teachers to design instruction that targets student achievement and creates maximum results.

    Coaches have participated in Reading and Writing Institutes through Teacher's College of Columbia University in New York. They also received training in Cognitive Coaching strategies from UCLA's Center X and have participated in week long trainings on Responsive Classroom with other district educators.

    The team is looking forward to continuing to work alongside teachers to support them in continually reflecting upon their practice in order to maximize student learning.