• Air Quality Information

    WCSD has opted to utilize AirNow.gov as their primary air quality measurement tool due to its reputation for providing precise and accurate readings, making it the industry's gold standard. AirNow's Air Quality Index (AQI) data is derived from EPA standards and employs a sophisticated algorithm that utilizes longer averages during periods of stable air quality and shorter averages during rapidly changing conditions. The sensors used by AirNow are regulated by the state and undergo regular maintenance to ensure data quality, setting it apart from other measurement methods.

    We encourage you to delve deeper into understanding the AQI and its application in assessing local air quality, helping you determine the best times for outdoor activities. Decisions concerning Air Quality levels and school activities in WCSD are standardized on an Air Quality Guidelines Chart (PDF), distributed to every school site, and closely align with the practices of our education partners when making their decisions. 

    Moreover, we have recently enhanced the air filtration systems in all our facilities by implementing MERV 13 filters. These filters effectively eliminate both viruses and PM2.5 smoke particles from wildfires, safeguarding the air quality in our establishments. Our filtration systems are also configured to recirculate, further bolstering air protection.

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