Independent Study

    The Governing Board authorizes short-term independent study to serve students whose personal circumstances make classroom attendance difficult. As necessary to meet student needs, independent study may be offered for short-term placements in conjunction with full-time classroom study.  Short-term independent study is defined as less than 15 cumulative school days.

    A parent/caregiver must request an independent study in advance of the student's absence:
    • 5-10 consecutive instructional day independent study contract: Must request at least five school days in advance
    • 11-14 consecutive instructional day independent study contract: Must request and contact principal ten school days in advance
    As a packet of work can never completely replace the learning that occurs in the classroom, we strongly encourage students and families to limit independent study requests to one per school year.  However, if your family's circumstances necessitate more than one independent study contract within the same school year, you are welcome to request more than one provided you do not exceed 14 days for the year.
    To request an Independent Study contract, please fill out the form below. It will be routed to the office manager of your school. 
  • ChecklistFamily Checklist

    1. Inform the school of your child’s reasoning and request for short-term independent study  
    2. Complete the short-term Independent Study Agreement using the link above. 
    3. Once it has been completed by all members of the school, you will receive your student's Independent Study Plan and a copy of the Independent Study Agreement. 
    4. Complete all assignments per the criteria outlined by the teacher daily
    5. Make sure all assignments have been completed and submitted at the end of the short-term independent study term upon the day of your student's return to school.