• Murwood Overview

    Murwood is a 365 student transitional kindergarten (TK) through fifth grade elementary school in the growing Walnut Creek community. Murwood reflects the best of our community in that it is  a beautifully diverse school, situated in a middle class neighborhood. History states that Murwood sits on land donated by two families who combined surnames to create the "Murwood" logo. Murwood is a richly diverse community that represents all socioeconomic facets of Walnut Creek. We welcome students from portions of Alamo, residential Walnut Creek neighborhoods and the large Creekside community, which brings us families from around the world. Murwood is often their first experience in the United States educational community. We pride ourselves on being warm and welcoming, which results in ongoing communication from families who are moving to the United States to specifically request placement within our community. Our teachers, staff, and families work hard to make sure newcomers feel welcome and included.