• Strategic Planning in the Walnut Creek School District

    The strategic planning process in the Walnut Creek School District guides our work and enables our school community to focus its effort in service of our vision and mission. It is an ongoing process where the Walnut Creek School District annually examines what it does, and why it does it.

    Click here to view the Walnut Creek School District Strategic Plan (2017-2020)



    Engage, Inspire, and Empower ALL Learners!


    To inspire a community of learners empowered to positively engage with the world through discovery, innovation, creativity, leadership and character.


    We, in the Walnut Creek School District community, believe:
    • All students and staff have the right to a safe and respectful learning environment that cultivates positive connections
    • In providing learning environments that support students' diverse academic, social and emotional needs
    • Valuing diversity is essential to broaden understanding and deepen learning
    • A rigorous, collaborative education inspires courage, curiosity, perseverance and a passion for learning
    • In providing facilities to foster innovation and creativity
    • Quality student-centered education is a shared responsibility

    District Strategies of Focus

    Teaching & Learning 
    Goal:  To inspire, engage, and empower learners with our learning process, culture, and curriculum.
    21st Century Facilities
    Goal:  To create diverse student centered spaces where stakeholders are welcomed in an accessible and flexible teaching and learning environment.
     Stakeholder Engagement
    Goal:  To thoughtfully develop inclusive engagement strategies tailored to the unique needs of all stakeholders in our community.