• Welcome to the WCI Math Department! 

    Our Math department believes all students are capable of doing high levels of Math.  We have organized curriculum and developed policies to promote deeper learning through collaboration, provide students support and prepare them for higher math beyond middle school.



    Intervention.....Diane Dias

    Math 6.....Kirsti Davis, Diane Dias, Nicholas Katzman

    Math 7.....Gitta Kahangi, Cheryl Metro, Alison Torkelson

    Math 8.....Gitta Kahangi, Tarie Wolf

    Accelerated Math 7.....Alison Torkelson

    Accelerated Math 8.....Kirsti Davis, Diane Dias


    Trying to find something for the Big Ideas online math textbook?  Here are some helpful links:

    Math Videos - Choose Common Core Middle School
    WCI Big Ideas Tips Page - Check here to find out about new features we are learning about or answers to questions we have received
    Online tutors - Live Chat Tutors are available for select questions Sunday - Thursday from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am ET (1:00 pm - 9:00pm PST).
    Big Ideas Curriculum Overview presented at parent evening on 9/26/17


    Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project Resources (MDTP)

    Understanding Your Child's MDTP score letter

    MDTP Learning Modules