Mrs. Schultz

    Period 1: Core 6 AM
    Period 2: Core 6 AM
    Period 3: Core 6 AM
    Period 4: Core 6 PM
    Period 5: Core 6 PM
    Period 6: Core 6 PM 
    Period 7: Prep
    The week of April 29th - May 3rd, we will be conducting state testing in our Core classes. We would love it if you could provide snacks! Attached is a sheet for you to sign up!  PLEASE NO NUTS OR DAIRY :)
    6th Grade Testing April 29 - May 3  
      # Students Monday 4/29 Tuesday 4/30 Wednesday 5/1 Thursday 5/2 Friday 5/3  
    Burk AM 32            
    Gregory AM 32 Sherry Mohebati Melissa Brunton        
    Gregory PM 32 Jennifer Pickett   Rebecca Lin      
    Montgomery AM 32 Tanya Rogow Lyn Hirahara        
    Montgomery PM 32 Eileen Carey (Pabst)          
    Durham AM 32            
    Durham PM 31            
    Schultz AM 32 Tania Luque  Jennifer Seward  Heidi Nold  Lisa Flores  Kelly Richie  Kelly Richie  
    Schultz PM 32  Tosha Schore  Sarah Cler  Carrie Rosenblatt  Ahcene Ghoutti?  Nancy Gullum  
    Boeger AM 32     Janet Parella      
    Boeger PM 32 Becky Shank Jill Berg Andrea Klein      
    If you are unable to sign up on the sheet above, please email me as to the day and core you would like, and I'll place you on the list!
    (925)944-6840 ext 8310
    Room 310
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