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    Name: Mrs. Reisfelt
    Period 1:  ELD Support
    Period 2:  Prep Period
    Period 3:  English 8
    Period 4:  English 8
    Period 5:  English 8
    Period 6:  English 8
    Period 7:  ELD Support
    Room 109

    Phone number: 925-944-6840 x-8109
    Preferred method of contact is e-mail.




    Welcome to room 109!  I look forward to a rewarding year for all of my students as they improve their communication skills and prepare themselves to enter the world of high school.
    Students must practice their vocabulary on Membean.com for 45 minutes every week.  The website rolls over Sunday night at midnight, so all practice must be completed by then.




    Homework assignments are listed in yellow on my calendar!
    Tests and quizzes are in white boxes.
    Respect is the key to learning in my classroom. 

    Be sure to keep up with your Independent Reading.  The forms to complete when you finish a book are found in our Google Classroom.  This reading accounts for 10% of your total grade!


Last Modified on August 23, 2017