Elementary Physical Education

    The WCSD Physical Education program is a comprehensive, articulated physical education system that helps children and youths accomplish three goals. Within each goal appropriate disciplines are addressed to support the knowledge, skills, and attitudes desired for every student. The three goals are equally important; each interacts continually with the others in a well-planned program.

    Goal: Movement Skill and Movement Knowledge

    Disciplines: 1. Motor Learning

    2. Biomechanics

    3. Exercise Physiology and Health-related Physical Fitness

    Goal: Self-Image and Personal Development

    Disciplines: 1. Human Growth and Development

    2. Psychology

    3. Aesthetics

    Goal: Social Development

    Disciplines: 1. Sociology

    2. Historical Perspectives

    A physically educated person is one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity, values physical fitness, and understands that both are intimately related to health and well-being.

    Education Code Section 51210 requires 200 minutes of physical education every ten school days for students in grades one through six.  
Last Modified on January 19, 2017