• Play Structure Procedures 2016-2017


    • Walk in the foam area at all times.
    • Eat snacks and drinks in the breeze way area only.
    • Tag, chase and grabbing another student are not allowed.


    Rock Wall

    • Students have two minutes to climb up.
    • Climbers may not sit on top of the wall nor descend down the other side of the wall
    • Climbers will descend the same wall they ascended
    • Only four climbers on the wall at a time.



    • Only one person on a swing at a time
    • Swing back and forth, not side to side, no spinning
    • Hold on with two hands
    • Sit up on your bottom only
    • Stop to get off and give the next person in line a “high five”
    • When others are waiting, each student can have 20 full swings before sharing
    • Students will line up behind the rubber on the creek side.



    • Only one person at a time
    • Stand straight up
    • Wait in line to spin
    • Each person spins on their own – no pushing by others
    • When others are waiting, each student can have 20 full spins before sharing.



    • Slide one at a time
    • Slide down feet first only
    • No going up the slide, or climbing on the sides of the slide.
    • Sit up on your bottom


    Wiggle Walk

    • Only one person on each pad
    • Pads are for walking only, no sitting
    • Take turns, no pushing or blocking of others
    • Students should move in the directions of the arrows on playground diagram.



    • On the spinning climber, spin on your own. No pushing
    • Keep hands below the top edge on the clear climber
    • Stay off the top of the climber and the shade structure
    • Climb to the top and down on the same side. No climbing over the top or jumping off.
    • Enter and Exit overhead features in the directions of the arrows on the playground diagram
    • Never grab or pull on someone who is on the bars.


    Students in grades 1 and 2 will require extra supervision during the first few months of school.  Please monitor students closely when they use the slider, monkey bars and other overhead features. 




Last Modified on February 16, 2017