• Bonus Points

    Earn up to 15 extra credit bonus points per quarter.

    Points can be used to raise a test grade, skip an assignment, or just raise your overall grade.


    Here are the options/choices for earning bonus points:



    Current News Event Paragraph

    Read a World News story in the paper, online, or watch one on TV or the internet.  Choose a story that has world significance, not just local news.  Write a paragraph briefly summarizing the article and write what you think about it.  Attach a copy of the article to your paragraph and turn it into the turn in basket.  Make sure to include your name and Period #.


    Watch a movie write a paragraph

    Watch a movie that has some relation to a topic we have discussed in class.  Write a paragraph about how the movie is connected to our in class work. Turn your writing, with your name on it, into the turn-in basket


    Look up information

    As we learn and discuss topics in calls, sometimes we come up with questions that nobody in the room know the answer to.  If you look up information outside of class that helps us to understand a topic better, write it up, or type it out and submit it into the turn in basket.


    Due date:  Bonus points can be done and turned in anytime during the quarter, however, they must be completed and turned in one week before the end of the quarter in order to count for that quarter, becuase Mrs. Muniz needs time to look them over and input the points into the grading program. 

    Due Dates:

    Quarter 1, Friday October 25th

    Quarter 2, Friday, January 18th

    Quarter 3, Friday, March 22rd

    Quarter 4, Friday May 31st st











Last Modified on January 15, 2019