• Welcome to WCI English 8!


    Brittany Earl, Julianna Freed, Susie Reisfelt


    English 8:

    Students in English 8 can look forward to a year being immersed in literature and writing, speaking and listening, and collaboration. They will read grade-level-appropriate complex texts with teacher support, and reading-level-appropriate novels independently. They will learn the art of argument and speech, and to be info-savvy and tech-savvy. They will write like crazy! Eighth grade English students will develop their vocabulary and critical thinking skills; they will innovate, create, ‘publish’ and reflect on their ‘genius’; and they will develop, practice, and reflect on strength of character and social responsibility. This is a year full of rigorous and engaging curriculum that encourages grit, zest, self-control, optimism, gratitude, social intelligence, and curiosity!