• Hey!  Mrs. Muniz......What did I miss when I was absent?
    That's a good question...here's how you can find out all by yourself.
    1.  Always check the school web page under Homework.  All assignments are listed there; what pages to read and when the assignments are due.
    2.  Call a friend or study buddy.  Maybe someone from class can bring you home worksheets or let you copy notes.
    3.  When you come back to school, there is a basket by the back sink titled  Absent?  In that basket are the assignments we did while you were absent.  Go ahead and take what you need.
    4.  After you've done #1-3, then come see me before or after school.  I would love to help you get caught up during class time, but  I can't.  After school, plan to stay for just about five to ten minutes, I can give you all the information you need to be completely caught up from your absence.
    Remember, most of all, don't come up to me during class time and ask "What did I miss when I was absent?"...because now you know what to do to answer your own question.  :)
Last Modified on August 10, 2018